My Mitutoyo Absolute calipers are one of my prized possessions, but the case they came in is a blow-molded atrocity. Asides from looking ugly, it also provides no protection to my calipers and takes up an enormous amount of space. I figured it was time to do something about this.

I started out by modeling the outline of my calipers in CAD. I wanted the fit to be as snug as possible, so I laser-cut a few test pieces to make sure nothing interfered.

The case itself was CNC’d out of a block of exotic hardwood and finished with mineral oil. Laser-cut foam inserts pad the interior. The strange bean-shape conserves space and makes it possible for me to hold the case with one hand. I lost the receipt for the wood after I purchased it so I have no idea what wood I used. Shame; it really is a pretty wood!

An interesting aside: I glued in two magnets to hold the case shut - but right after the epoxy set, I realized that having a neodymium magnet next to my calipers would eventually lead to me accidentally magnetizing my caliper tips. The only way I could fix this was by using a soldering iron to Curie the bottom magnet.

I finished the case up with press-fit barrel hinges and a sturdy buckle. When closed, the calipers stay put with no rattling - mission success!