Caliper Case

Precisely What I Needed

My Mitutoyo Absolute calipers are one of my prized possessions, but the case they came in is a blow-molded atrocity. Asides from looking ugly, it also provides no protection to my calipers and takes up an enormous amount of space. I figured it was time to do something about this.... [See More]

3DOF Biomimetic Baseball Pitcher

More athletic than I am

The fastest pitch on record was 105mph. It’s amazing that a human body threw something that quickly - but it’s stranger that the human body did it with a “mechanism” that looks completely unfit for the job. How does a 3DOF arm with high distal mass throw something this quickly?... [See More]


A robust, waterproof robotic bartender.

Every college student with a mechanical engineering degree builds a robotic bartender at some point in time. They’re usually made out of peristaltic pumps and MDF, controlled by an Arduino, and fall apart after one usage. If they don’t fall apart, they get left uncleaned and become a habitat for... [See More]

Cute Cube

Searching for a purpose

The “useless machine” is a classic DIY project. It’s a box with a single switch. When you press the switch, the box extends an arm and turns it off. It is truly a masterful representation of existential ennui in the 21st century. Let’s make an excessive version of it. [See More]

Laser Cutter

40W of fun

“Cheap” and “Laser Cutter” are not words that are normally seen together; the CO2 laser tubes they use are often to blame for this. Cooling systems, high-voltage power supplies, and flying-mirror assemblies don’t help. [See More]

ATHack Head Pointer

Actually useful?

A head-pointer is a little-known tidbit of technology used by those with limited control of their extremities. It consists of a stick (often with a capacitive stylus attached) that is secured to the head of a patient. Using this stick, a patient can operate buttons, keyboards, tablets, and more using... [See More]

Robotic Flower

Do not water.

My girlfriend loves growing succulents, but the onslaught of homework we both get makes watering them impossible. As a Christmas gift for her, I decided to make a plant for her that she could never kill in the only way that an engineer knows - with a petting-fueled flower with... [See More]

The Automatic Hotdog Cooker

Probably food-safe

MakeMIT, the largest annual hardware hackathon in NA, is my second Christmas. Teams of four are given 24 hours (or less, depending on the year) to construct a hardware project of their choosing. In 2016, four hallmates and I chose to create an automatic hotdog cooker. [See More]

Portable Wii

Gameboys are out

Some say that necessity is the mother of all invention. I think that statement detracts from the essential role that boredom can play. During my high school years (9th grade), I decided to “portablize” a Wii gaming console so that I could play games on my bus rides to school.... [See More]